2D program, speeds up the design when you don’t need the 3D, avoiding the time-consuming use of only the basic CAD. FREE

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Advanced program: frames modeler, actual and modified status comparison, vaults and parapets, advanced rendering. 366€

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Switching to 3D design is a change in capability that many Professionals strive for but in many cases without success. Apart from the traditional costs of switching to a "pure" 3D CAD solution, it inevitably involves a complete change to your proven and tested workflow. ADDCAD, a CAD application with over 20 years of development, eliminates these obstacles as it operates directly on AutoCAD, ZWCAD and GStarCAD, the real low cost AutoCAD* alternatives. Therefore, you can continue to work with the familiar tools you use every day and with no need to drastically change the way you work. Find out more ››