Design in 3D while staying in your CAD system: AutoCAD or GstarCAD. With ADDCAD you do not just draw lines, arcs or circles; you create walls, doors, windows, roofs, stairs on several floors. This means a dramatic increase in productivity with a rapid achievement of results, great detail and quality.

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The features of AddCAD FULL are described on this page and in the page containing the video tutorials.

Parametric CAD and libraries

ADDCAD is what you call a "parametric CAD" solution. This means that it is based on libraries of construction objects that adapt automatically to the project by simply setting the measurments needed. All objects in the project are inter-related, this means that when you modify an object all related object parameters will adjust accordingly. For example, by changing the thickness of a wall, the windows contained in that wall adapt automatically to the new thickness. The parametric libraries included in ADDCAD provide: Walls of any dimensions. Framings/casings, doors and windows. Stairs and railings. Furniture for interior design. Coverings, roofings, dormers, chimneys and skylights. Drawing of the walls ››

Window/Door Modeler

In addition to the vast number of doors and windows already included in the software library, ADDCAD lets you create your own personalized door/window objects by simply drawing them using the shape you desire: rectangle, arched, etc. and by defining the thickness and material of the various elements (frame, glass, etc.). Window/Door Modeler ››

Stair wizard

ADDCAD lets you create stairs of any type: filled, only treads, steps and flights. The geometric shape is simply set in a 2D plan by defining the line to be followed by the stairs (straight lines, curves or combinations). Then, using the stair generator wizard you can easily define all the parameters:

  • the dimensions and thickness of treads and risers,
  • the walking height underneath the slab,
  • the step overhang,
  • the view on the lower floor and on the top floor

Stair generator ››

Roof generator

Drawing coverings and roofs couldn't be easier when using ADDCAD. All you need to do is determine the type of roof construction: gable, hip-roof, vaulted, attic, etc.and the roof is automatically created. Once generated the roof can be easily modified, for example you can change the shape and slope of the roof or add new roof slabs which will be automatically adjusted to the existing ones. Once done, it is then easy to add any type of dormer, skylight or chimney to your roof, or draw openings of any desired shape to obtain terraces and balconies inside your roof. Roof creation and editing ››

Elevation and section views

Creating elevation views with ADDCAD is very simple. All you need to do is trace the external line on which you want to project your building and you immediately obtain the drawing of the façade. In the same way, to generate a section you only have to draw a line or polyline that intersects the 3D model, and ADDCAD automatically creates the corresponding section. All you have to do is to position it on your drawing.

Final drawing layout

To produce the project drawings is very easy with ADDCAD as you take advantage of the AutoCAD or ZWCAD layout features. In fact you can choose your desired layout from those proposed by the software or you can create your own by simply modifying the existing ones.

As for the plans, you only have to set the view from the 3D model, then disable in each layout window the floors that are not needed for each plan you want to create. For elevations and sections you just have to drag the drawing into the layout window. An appropriate command allows you to apply the desired scale to any layout window Of course you can dedicate some layout windows to your 3D views: isometric, perspective and cross sections in order to give to your design that 3-dimensional look, which makes it very professional and aesthetically appealing.

3D views and cross sections

Once you have created a 3D model of your building, ADDCAD lets you generate any type of three-dimensional view: Isometric, using the usual CAD viewing commands, Perspective by fixing an internal or external viewpoint, Cross sections by simply defining a plane intersecting your model. In all your views you can remove the hidden lines and, thanks to the ADDCAD internal rendering tool, you can create photo-realistic professional images. 2D/3D View Generation,
Perspectives and Cross Sections ››

Railings, balustrades, ledges and gutters

With ADDCAD, creating any type and shape of railing and balustrade is very simple. All you need to do is define a block of the vertical element and the outline of the horizontal elements. Then by drawing a generating line (which can be a straight line, curved or combination), you can obtain your railing automatically. In the same way, by simply defining an outline and a generating line, you can create all the other parametric elements you need to complete the details of your project, such as ledges, gutters, etc. Railings and Balustrades ››

Powerful rendering

ADDCAD is integrated with a powerful rendering tool called POV Ray, with which it is possible to:

  • Insert background photos to obtain a realistic view of the environment
  • Add new elements to the program library by defining new materials and layers.
  • Set and control all rendering options directly from CAD.
  • Create high quality scenes thanks to Radiosity technology.

Rendering with POV Ray ››

Big projects

With AddCAD you can also create complex and large dimension projects, without any entity limit, taking full advantage of your CAD system capabilities.

Download the DWG files of some big projects created with AddCAD ››